Basic Pistol Course


This class is for the first time handgun owner with limited or no experience, also for those who wish to cover the basics as a refresher. 

Subjects covered: Firearms Safety, Field stripping and disassembly and re-assembly of the semi-auto handgun. Cleaning and maintenance, Action types and Firing Cycle. Demonstration and practice (dry-fire) of grip, stance, sight alignment, sight picture, follow through, loading and unloading.

Second half of the class will consist of live fire, with drills to ground the student in the Fundamentals of Marksmanship.

Equipment required: Eye and Ear Protection, your semi-automatic or revolver with at least two magazines or speed loaders, suitable ammunition for that firearm (150 rounds), magazine/speed loader pouch, rigid belt and rigid holster for that handgun. 

*limited quantity of rental handguns 

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*Deposits of $50 down are non-refundable, life happens so contact to reschedule, your deposit ensures your class/hourly rate does not increase if Gunpowder & Lead LLC needs to make pricing adjustments.