*Deposits placed on our classes/private lessons are non-refundable, life happens so contact to reschedule, your deposit ensures your class/hourly rate does not increase if Gunpowder & Lead LLC needs to make pricing adjustments.  

Safety Through Education

every day carry, edc,

This is where you have had about 8 hours of formal 'on-range' training, and are comfortable enough to be able to move and shoot. 

You have learned how to use a firearm from a relative but had no formal training whatsoever, but you have the basics down, and you remember to never place your finger on the trigger until you have made the decision to shoot. 

 This is the place you can start with and choose from any of these courses offered, or a private lesson.

 P.O. Box 223 Breinigsville, Pa 18031       info@gunpowderandlead.training        call or text: 610-739-0497

This is a great place to start if you are new to defensive firearms; or have had one sitting in the closet for years and have not used it in forever, choose any one of these for your beginning course, or start at Basic Pistol and move to Everyday Concealed Carry or perhaps a Private Lesson is in order, your choice! 

Ladies, we have you covered as well, you can co-ed in any other course, or join an all-women's course designed specifically for women. 

9mm ammo
every day carry, edc,