Defesive Shooting Fundamentals, Level 1

          This is a one-day course introducing students to the USCCA philosophy, mindset, and techniques for solid practical defensive shooting. This class demonstrates the techniques to handling a handgun under realistic situations. Fundamentals of grip, stance, trigger control, sights and sighting are discussed and practiced in an e-learning, classroom, and live fire environment. Special emphasis on the psychology and physiology of armed defense.

Equipment Required:  Handgun, (3) Magazines or speedloaders, (300) rounds of ammunition.

Sturdy Outside the Waistband Holster and belt. Eye and Ear Protection, appropriate weather gear, cap , sunscreen , insect repellent (optional)
Please make arrangements for lunch. Drinks and snacks will be provided.

Students must complete the e-learning portion before taking the on-site class.

           Please contact the USCCA @ 877-577-4800 to register for the e-learning portion and student packet, a $30.00 fee the USCCA collects.

$200 for the course  $50 dollars reserves your seat, remainder paid by date of course!

Cash, Credit Card, Money Orders Accepted.