This is a one-day course continuation of the USCCA Defensive Shooting Series. This course takes the fundamentals of DSF Level 1 and expands on them. Movement, multiple threats, counter ambush reaction/response, practice scenarios, etc.

Equipment Required;  Handgun, (3) Magazines or speedloaders,(300) rounds of ammunition, Sturdy Outside the Waistband Holster and belt.
Eye and hearing protection,Cap and appropriate weather gear, Sunscreen and insect repellent (optional)

Please make arrangements for lunch. Drinks and snacks will be provided.

200.00 for the on-site portion of the class.
30.00 for the required e-learning portion that must be completed prior to the on-site portion.

Completion needs to be two weeks prior to the on-site date.

50.00 deposit is required for the on-site portion of the course.
Cash,  credit cards and money orders accepted.

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals, Level 2