This course is for anyone who desires a firearms training program that begins at the beginning for new shooters and a refresher for those who have been shooting but have had no previous formal training before.  This program is broken down into 90-minute segments and is designed to bring the student to an advanced level according to their ability.  This course covers the universal safety rules, handgun selection,  handgun anatomy, ammunition selection, legal use of force, disparity of force, marksman shooting, defensive shooting, situational awareness and so much more with the ongoing training.

Always remember self-defense is always the last resort if you cannot get away from your attacker, and the best fights ever won were never started. 

Equipment required: Eye and Ear Protection, your semi-automatic or revolver with at least two magazines for semi-autos or speed loaders for revolvers, suitable ammunition for that firearm (50 rounds for the first meet), Optional first meet:  magazine/speed loader pouch, rigid belt, and rigid holster for that handgun. 

*limited quantity of rental handguns 

This private lessons course is available at:

North End Gun Club  and Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club


First Shot Program