handgun basics of self-defense micro-class

Introducing micro-classes for those seeking training but who do not have a full day to commit to a long course. These courses are full of content and information you are looking for.   

Each course is 2 hours in length and each has a course of live-fire at the end. 

​Each course below is $75


This course will give you the details in reference to defending yourself or a loved one with force.  Topics discussed:  Reasonable Force, Deadly Force, Use-of-Force Continuum, How prosecutors look at cases, defense of your home, and defense of your property. 

This course is 2 hours long and does include a live-fire portion.

​defensive shooting                     micro-​class

In this 2-hour course, you will learn how to create a home defense plan, conflict avoidance, situational awareness, home security, and mental exercises are all covered in this micro class with a live-fire portion.

home defense and planning  micro-class


the legal use of force               micro-​class

In this micro-course, we will discuss defensive shooting v, marksmanship, muscle memory, proper grip, shooting platforms, sight alignment, and the topic of trigger control will be discussed as well as a live-fire portion of the course. 

In this course, we discuss the universal safety rules, clearing handguns, selecting a handgun for yourself, ammunition, malfunctions, alternative force options, and an introduction to AR-15 platforms and shotguns.