All training sessions are tailored to the individual looking for something more specific than is offered on this webpage and we tailor each training session to the individual.

We at Gunpowder & Lead are constantly evolving as a self-defense company and are using modern techniques for today's world.  

90 Minute Sessions 

Locations Available:  Home, Office, House of Worship, North End Gun Club, Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club

Private Lessons

​​​*Deposits placed on our classes/private lessons are non-refundable, life happens so contact to reschedule, your deposit ensures your class/hourly rate does not increase if Gunpowder & Lead LLC needs to make pricing adjustments.  

First Shot Program- (AR-15 Rifle, Handgun & Shotgun)

What is the First Shot Program?
It's a gateway to firearm self-defense, broken down into 90-minute sessions, whether you want a complete system, or just a foot into the door to learning the safety aspect, this program is for new and novice shooters who want to learn more.

This is a great start for new-comers to the firearms world of self-defense.

Other Programs Available- Introduction to Movement, Recoil Management, Self Defense, AR-15, Handgun, Shotgun & Rifle Training available.  These are all covered in our Private lessons for up to 3 persons. Contact us for more information at 610-739-0497 or email to: