Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Q. What is the best gun out there? I want the best!

      A. Honestly, with today's technology, it's a matter of choice, fit, and function for your personal needs. Myself personally, like various manufactures, I cannot tell you, nor should anyone else tell you which are the best, that's a matter of opinion, however that being said, the best way to learn skills is with a .22lr, and figure out your specific needs out from there. (competition, plinking, self defense, etc.)

Q. How often should I train? 

     A. I suggest training as often as every other week for about 20 minutes, or 20 to 50 rounds. Training will be fresher in your mind, rather than the every other month warrior with 300 rounds to failure. 

Q.  Do I get a carry permit with any of your courses?

     A.  In Pennsylvania you must go to the Sheriff's Office in your county you live in and fill out an application.  Courses concerning Concealed Carry only cover questions and concerns from responsible gun owners like yourself.   

Gunpowder & Lead, LLC does not issue Licenses To Carry Firearms or Concealed Carry Permits.

Q. What does a USCCA Course mean?

    A. A United States Concealed Carry Association Course means you were trained by a Certified Instructor, Certified through the USCCA.  The courses taught by the Instructor are valid in other states that may be used for CCW, you can learn more by contacting our Staff. 

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