Rick P.

Mr. Joe ... thoroughly went over every detail and was open to all questions. I found him to be very knowledgeable and caring about the course.

John M.

Thank you for the great training session.

Carol S.C.

Joe is an awesome instructor. I've taken 2 classes so far and am booked for more with him. His knowledge is amazing, but how to deliver that knowledge to students is even more amazing! He makes it fun while teaching the seriousness and the correct techniques of being a responsible gun owner. You will have fun and will want to come back for more

Catie A.

Joe is an awesome instructor. He's very knowledgeable and answers any and all questions. He's also patient and focuses on what you need to know. I have fun and always look forward to the next class. And my improvement is unfathomable to me (and in only a couple of sessions!) He picked up on things almost right away and helped me improve drastically. He's so accommodating and has really helped me out a lot. I recommend Joe to anyone who wants good firearms training.

Donald K.

I believe the instructor Joe did an awesome job everybody felt comfortable and we even had a few laughs during the day I only wish that we would’ve had more range time but overall it was a good class.

Theodore B.

Joe was very professional and knowledgeable. Assisted with student problems on firing line. Worked within the comfort zone of the various experienced students while challenging them to improve. Was able to work with new shooters and more experienced shooters comfortably. Made the training an enjoyable experience.

Michael G.

Absolutely amazing!!  Joe is so knowledgeable and passionate about what he does.  I never knew there was so much to learn!  Whether you haven't even purchased a gun yet, to be advanced, Joe caters and develops specific programs based on what you want to learn.  He even had different guns available for me to shoot and try before I even went and purchased mine!  Top-notch company and a must-have experience for all levels of shooters. Couldn't recommend them more!!

Jeff Y.

I recommend a class from Gunpowder and Lead,LLC to everyone I know! They are very safe and informed on every aspect of firearms! I took two classes, and plan on taking many more!


Personable Joe is easy to work with.  He gives good feedback without making you feel dumb. I've been there a few times and will be back. I already feel more confident about my ability and knowledge. I would recommend it to others.

Courtney H.

Today was my first time in any kind of gun training course. I learned so much in just 90 minutes of a beginners course. I can’t wait to come back to Joe for more even challenging courses. I recommended Joe to my family and friends who could benefit from his knowledge and they’re looking forward to learning from his as well! I had a great time today, thank you Joe! Looking forward to seeing you again!


Ed H. 

Worth every cent and second.  I've been a handgun shooter for a few years and also work in the industry. I decided to brush up on my skills and Joe was more than helpful in critique and giving pointers. Highly recommended, and definitely will be back!

Floyd P.

Joe was very detailed, patient and answered all of my questions. The tips that he provided gave me immediate improvement in my shooting. I loved his class so much, that I am signing up for more training. He makes you want to learn more...I look forward to his next class, and I recommend taking any of his classes. My rating fir him is 100/100 he is simply the best.

Nicole W.

​​I highly recommend joe as your instructor! He is super patient and knowledgeable and you will learn so much! Joe was my first and favorite instructor I’ve ever had. If you want to have a good time and learn about shooting and handling, he is your guy! I would go back to him every single time.

Chuck M.

Joe is a Great Guy and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him for your firearms training.

Juan C.

Joe is a great trainer!! very in depth with his training. I highly recommend him for gun safety courses!!

Ahmed G.

Joe ...was completely thorough in his training. I would recommend him to anyone who wants firearms training.

Brian B.


Dee G.

I have to say, Joe is a great instructor. Very knowledgeable and will make sure you understand and feel comfortable with your training. Learned things I didn't knew and I cant wait to go back and learn some more. Highly recommend him!

Glock F. 

Spot on for either 1st time shooters or experienced ones.

Jamie E.

Firearm training can be anxiety-provoking. Joe is knowledgeable, reassuring, and committed to my growth and safety as a student.  I have trained with other instructors, and Joe and his staff continue to be my favorite.

Floyd P. 

I have taken a couple of classes with Joe.  He is the best that you can get to reach you about firearm safety and if you are a beginner...he teaches you how to shoot.  I have also taken some one-on-one classes with Joe, again the instruction was fantastic and easily understood.  I have taken the basic pistol training and concealed and carry with Joe is learned so much from those classes and Joe answered all of my questions.  He even demonstrated some things to ensure his training was understood. He is safety conscious at all times and it is the first lesson you learn from Joe.  I will be taking more classes very soon.

Ryan M.  

Joe is an excellent instructor.  I have taken several one-on-one lessons with him, and he is patient with a first-timer like myself.  His top priority is safety, and each training session I've had has helped tremendously with my development.  I'll be back soon for my next lesson.

Chris A.

I have been shooting for many years, and I thought I was "good".  Joseph opened my eyes to many situations and actions that I just did not think of before. I have learned a lot and feel like I am a lot better and more prepared now.  I will continue training, as there is still much to learn.  The classes are fun and very informative, and Joseph is a well-trained instructor.

Mike J.

Absolutely loved my class with Joe!! Organized, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. He kept his class size to a perfect amount. He was able to give each and every one the attention and one on one time they deserved. Well worth every penny and honestly would've paid more for such in-depth training! He was even nice enough to give me a new holster since I didn't have one! Book today, you won't be sorry!

Christine A.

Joseph is AMAZING!  I had no experience and couldn't do anything, and he was able to get me to be a really good shot in a few short months by explaining to me what to do in terms I understand.  He is patient and understanding of all abilities.  I look forward to every lesson.

Jason M.

Even though we did a remote classroom class it was great. Joe and Dave were very knowledgeable and made the class very interactive. Definitely would recommend this class to others.